How to use Logmein remote connectivity

1. Your Accudata Systems rep will assign you a login email address and password to access our workstations.

2. Enter in your MS IE (Internet Explorer) Note: Do not use Netscape

3. When you see this window, enter the email address and password....these are case sensitive. Then click
"Log Me In"

4. You will now see this window showing you (pc icons in blue) which computers have been assigned to your account.

5. Click on the assigned pc and you will briefly see a window advising you that the system is "Connecting You".

6. Enter the user name and password....generally demo / is case sensitive! Then click Login.
Note: in some cases the Windows Authentication will prompt you for only the "Password". Your Accudata Systems rep will give you the necessary password(s).


Note: If your IE browser is missing activeX controls, a message menu bar will appear just above this window prompting you to install these controls...if prompted, install. If your firewall prompts you for viewing permission, accept. ActiveX controls are used by remote programs to speed screen refreshes and data transfer. They are perfectly safe and will come in handy for future sessions.

7. You will now see the following screen prompting you to: Click on the "Remote Control" icon

8. You will now be connected and will see this window. Be patient and our workstation screen will appear momentarily. When the red checkmark appears in the "Connected" box, click on the "close" button.

9. We are connected! Depending on your monitor resolution, you can manually readjust the settings in the menu just above the window. If your monitor has a a larger resolution than the host PC, click on "full screen" Try zooming to different screen size %s. You should have a perfectly clear screen shot when done. If you click "full screen" the borders disappear but by moving your cursor to the top of your monitor, the menu bar will slowly drop down for you. A floating menu bar will permit you to "Exit Full Screen" to return to the window as it appears below.

Depending upon the permissions granted you for this session, you will be granted either full control or view mode only. Full control permits you to completely interact with the host pc.

10. To exit this session simply click on the red menu button on the upper left hand corner of your screen.

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