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Voxcera is a consortium of speech development innovators who develop TAP 'N TALK® speech solutions for users and application developers. The drive toward speech enablement in an enterprise environment is the catalyst for this evolving venture. Applications that have been keyboard/mouse driven can be imbedded with speech tools to provide a more productive and less physically stressful worker interaction.

Multimodal functionality is a synthesis of handheld computing hardware (PDAs, tablet PCs etc.) and software applications designed to accept speech, keyboard, and stylus interaction. Object oriented SQL databases and Microsoft's .NET initiative provide a powerful yet flexible platform upon which "multimodal" solutions are implemented. As a speech and SQL database developer, Voxcera and its sister enterprise Accudata Systems, can assist in the planning and deployment of mission critical "interactive" enterprise solutions.

If you are in need of enterprise speech deployment, Voxcera is in the position to offer you a nationwide service network of passionately dedicated speech innovators. From Coast to Coast we are ready to assist you.

For software application publishers experiencing client pressure to offer a speech enabled version of your product, contact us to discuss your needs.

Medical Solutions
Web Design
IVR Systems
EMR Systems
Document Imaging
Data Security-Web
Speech Recognition
Professional Solutions
Real Estate
Sales Agencies
Performance Software
Additional information can be found at the Voxcera.com web site.
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