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Why a website in 2004?

The need for physicians to offer comprehensive, up-to-date information about treatment options, pharmaceuticals, and patient privacy issues is increasing due to a number of trends.

These include:

  • Proliferation of medical technologies and treatment options. Managed health care has pushed physicians to "ramp up" encounter volume with the net effect of less patient physician interaction. An informative and topical website will augment the patient visit experience with timely and relevant information about contemporary medical knowledge and treatment plans.
  • Direct promotion of pharmaceuticals to the public, widespread access to the Internet and newly heightened concerns about patient safety.
  • HIPAA response: Let the feds know you are informing your patients of all their rights under this law.....Protect yourself. Your web site facilitates off site patient education regarding key privacy issues and concerns.
  • Increased Patient Expectations: Patients are not sitting quietly on the sidelines as their share of healthcare costs has increased and the Internet has made access to information easier. Your web site will help your patients focus on critical healthcare issues that reflect your practice's philosophy and direction.
  • Patient involvement in the care process has grown dramatically and their expectations for shared decision-making, better service, and results have grown as well. Two way communications via the Net can foster a spirit of enhanced involvement and participation between your staff and patients.
  • Enhance your Practice's presence. Competing for patients will continue to be a reality of this millennium. A professionally designed and maintained website gives your practice a decided advantage. Internet savvy patients will increasingly search for medical practitioners with whom they can have a more comprehensive and medically informed interaction.

While most practitioners would agree that there are few substitutes better than "point of care" encounters, informed and engaged patients will only improve overall patient care. The entire community benefits from this form of synergy.

How far can you take this?

As far as the technology can take us...with data encryption and passwords, you can speed up the flow of patient communication. The Internet is boundless when it comes to this....The baby boomers have the bucks and the PC's and they are part of the fast food one wants to wait anymore and its only going to be more demanding on your time in the future.....more efficient use of your's and your staff's time will result in more profits for your practice. The name of the game is more money and time for you, and improved patient care and communication.

Salient Features of these site prototypes

Accudata Systems has designed a variety of readily adaptive medical website templates. Graphically interesting yet elegant in presentation, your practice can achieve a web presence in a matter of hours. Employing web site hosts that offer data integrity and stability, this "sample" opening page can be customized for your practice with the colors and content of your choice. Design cost is contained by crafting your website with these predesigned templates.

Composed in "Dreamweaver" the most critically acclaimed web design software, it will display superbly in all popular browsers including Netscape and MS Explorer, versions 4.0 and above. Although best viewed at 1280x1024 and above, it also displays without side scrolling, in resolutions as low as 800x600.

The design of this "sample" page, which employs design elements from Photoshop®, and MS Image Composer, incorporates these salient features:

  • Composed.... in Dreamweaver for maximum flexibility.
  • Navigated using "menu options" roll over buttons for fluid user interaction. (Try the menu selection buttons on the left side of this page). Note that as your cursor rolls over the menu choices, that the background color changes to verify your mouse positioning. The menu items, shown for demonstration purposes, are completely functional. Take this site for a test drive.
  • Searched with "Site finder" (Search Site) best used for topic searching. Try the "Search Site" above where you can nest any number of topics generally not found on an opening web page. Your site, with proper development and attention, will become a valuable resource center for your patients, employees, and associates. As it matures with content, site finder functionality becomes an invaluable query tool.
  • Selected from a number of color combinations. (Click here to see more)
  • Customized content and graphics......edit or add menu option buttons and graphics to reflect your "Practice". .
  • Test Drive it.......just click on the menu items to see how easy
    and fluid it is to navigate this site.

Click Here to "How to get started guidelines"

Click here for more color/graphics layout combinations

Click here to create your own website graphics

Click here to select web compatible colors

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