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Opt!® Professional Contact Management.

Every business and organization needs a digital organizer. Opt!® Professional is a powerful SQL contact management database that offers unlimited virtual databases with 225 user definable fields. Sales organizations, insurance and real estate agencies, auto dealers, governmental agencies, medical practitioners, attorneys, manufacturing and wholesale distributors are candidates that share a common need for database organization and "data mining capability".

Completely speech enabled, and fully networkable, Opt!® Professional employs a proprietary data encryption schemata. A comprehensive document entry system utilizes a variety of database fields such as calculated, Bolean, long character (32M characters), date, time, and multi character. Each document template can employ as many as 250 user definable fields. Attach scanned images and digital pictures to both database and document records.

With Act® and Goldmine® you are limited to a flat file management structure. Furthermore, document creation is virtually nonexistent or almost impossible to structure. Using Opt!® Professional's logical database modeling, database and document template structures are graphically displayed for precise definition and manipulation. All field attributes defining field functionality and database relationships, are easily and quickly set, with virtually no application overhead retarding system performance. In benchmark tests conducted, Opt!® Professional retrieves and sorts records almost seven times faster than Act®.

Optional add-on modules are: Opt!® Sales/Forecast, Opt!® Opportunity/Campaign, Opt!® Expense System, Opt!® Quote System,

Who will benefit from the power of Opt!® Professional

  • Real Estate Agencies employing Opt's® dynamic document entry module, will formulate buy/sell and listing agreements, always aware of the "Power of Opt!" for client historical notes and intuitive reminder functionality.
  • Attorneys cannot effectively function without electronic organization given the timeliness of depositions, pleadings, complaints and settlement meetings. As cases develop, the omnipresent need for case history maintenance can determine the success or failure of legal proceedings. Using speech with a powerful database can dramatically shorten the time requirement for successful case management.
  • Governmental Agencies such as State DEPs and Mental Health divisions can create comprehensive reporting document entry for all field operators and social workers. Today they are slaves to some antiquated form of data entry, tomorrow with your help the entire data entry process can be streamlined for the 21st Century.
  • Insurance Agencies will appreciate the mail merge and document entry capability for quotes, claims, and policy sales.

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