Digital Recorders
from Olympus & Philips

The newest generation of digital recorders interact beautifully with speech recognition software creating the framework for smooth & efficient transcription. Sleek in design yet packing a tremendous punch of technological prowess, these "speech jewels" are loaded with features to enhance the dictation process.

Used exclusively for dictation or contributing to a speech recognition hybrid solution, digital recorders can handle all of your transcription needs. Seamlessly interfacing with the Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional family, transcription is accomplished by processing your dictation thru the speech recognition engine. After processing, only proofing is required. Furthermore, proofing and correcting will dramatically improve your speech files for subsequent sessions. Using speech recognition engines, a nationally known transcription company slashed transcription processing time by 30+%.

Lastly, fast and efficient in-house transcription improves patient care by dramatically improving "encounter report" turn-around-time.

Accudata Systems supports these recorders:

Olympus DS 5000 Digital Recorder Kit

How do you improve on the Mona Lisa of recorders? Even Da Vinci, history's preeminent inventor, would approve of the functional and aesthetic advancements of this latest offering from Olympus. Building upon the smashing success of its predecessor the DS 4000, Olympus has scaled the heights of design enhancement with its latest iteration of the industries leading professional recorder.

Bundled with the latest version of DSS Player Pro software, and improving the slider switch functionality, doctors, attorneys, and all professionals will appreciate this finely tuned instrument of productivity.

Price: $ 499.00




Olympus DS 4000 Digital Recorder Kit

Revolutionary in design and function, the Olympus DS-4000 is slide switch operated for ease of use, stacked with premium features, and employs enhanced DSS Player Pro Dictation software for outstanding performance.

Designed to provide you with first class conveniences and all the accessories you need for easy, flexible, and productive dictation, the DS-4000 is clearly the choice of productivity oriented professionals.

Price: $ 449.00


Olympus DS 3400 Digital Recorder Kit

As the successor to the ever popular DS-3300, the Olympus DS-3400 Digital Voice Recorder creates a powerful new category of voice recording. Combined with Dragon Naturally Speaking, the DS-3400 delivers a comprehensive solution for the mobile worker.

Price: $ 399.99



Olympus DS 2200 Digital Recorder Kit

Perfect for the professional user seeking first-rate sound quality and longer recording times. Removable media can be upgraded to provide extensive recording capacity while the included stereo microphone ensures high-quality stereo sound. All in a compact digital package whose high-performance and attractive looks stand out from all the rest.

Price: $ 289.99




Olympus DS 2300 Digital Recorder Kit

Physicians, students and the like can enjoy the ultra-efficient features of the compact DS-2300. The supplied 16MB xD-Picture Card provides abundant memory and the durability and reliability you need in a removable media card, while superb sound, a large backlit LCD, file management options and other features supply the professional performance you seek in an easy to use, sleek and stylish package.

Price: $ 249.00



Philips 9450 Digital Recorder Kit

Assign Patient and User ID's by Voice Command!

The Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC is ideal for use in dedicated application and workflow environments. It offers full system integration and many advanced, user-oriented features for faster and more efficient workflow; and it operates seamlessly with application software.

Price: $ 449.00



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