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 Opt!® PRMS (Patient Relationship Medical System)

  • Patient demographics & medical records customized to meet all your data requirements
  • Unique combination* of speech, popup & keyboard (includes macro, derived data and formula capabilities) quickly prepares medical charts, eliminates transcription costs, and dramatically improves the quality of records and reimbursement levels.
  • Quickly accesses archived patient electronic records
  • Prepares patient breakdown & progress charts
  • Prints lists, reports, labels, envelopes and letters (mail-merge)
  • Takes advantage of tablet PC's, and TAP 'N TALK™ technologies.
  • Many more features with satisfaction guaranteed**

Opt!® PRMS, a comprehensive, speech enabled*, and HIPAA aware Patient Relationship Management System, organizes your medical family (patients, doctors, hospitals, labs etc.) into multiple, customizable databases. Patient records incorporate: charting, digital images and associated documents (H&P, Patient visits etc.).

Designed to take advantage of Tablet PC technology, a dynamic combination of the stylus and speech interact seamlessly for efficient and comprehensive patient encounter recording. This synergism known as TAP 'N TALK™ technology, incorporates a unique combination of speech and popup screens for quick and accurate data entry. Many speech functions have been transferred to the program routines, resulting in a high accuracy rate. For improved data reliability and validation, data input is verified using acceptable medical standards.

A comprehensive and ingenious medical charting system incorporating data validation, is defined for Chief Complaints, Allergies, Medications, Immunizations, PMHx, PsyHx, Family Hx, Social Hx, ROS Hx, Physical Exam, Diagnosis(ICD9) and Treatment Plan(CPT). Combined with program functions such as macros; medical charts are quickly and accurately prepared.

Example of "Chief Complaint" data entry screen.

Database, data entry templates and print routines are customized to meet your exact needs and practice requirements. Data queries, patients breakdown & progress charts, and statistical analysis are but a few of the many features of Opt!® PRMS. Beneath this highly organized graphical window, is a secured and powerful SQL database engine.

Transcription services are used by medical professionals to prepare medical charts. While effortless to use, the drawbacks are:

  • High costs - approx. $500 to $1500/mth
  • Lengthy turnaround times - 24 to 72 hours
  • Mediocre quality - lack data validation or automatic data checks
  • No database capabilities - patient data queries, progress charts, and statistical analysis are limited by inadequate word processing capabilities

The alternative to transcription services is speech recognition which enters data in word-processing templates or database forms. While this method results in lower cost and faster turnaround time, most professionals find it challenging to use. Using a cleverly designed data/speech entry system for speed and accuracy, entering boilerplate text, medical charting information and pertinent patient data is a breeze! Merging Opt!® 's powerful database engine with speech input, running queries, preparing patient progress charts, or performing statistical analysis is accomplished with remarkable efficiency

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TAP 'N TALK™ is a registered trademark of Voxcera

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