Speech Recognition Installation & Training

Initial installation training

  1. Pre-installation System Configuration
    Disk Management
    Windows configuration, including directory management
    Sound card integrity check and microphone setup
  2. Guided Program & Speech Enrollment Training
    Audio setup wizard
    General acoustical and speech modeling training
    Fine tuning program options, settings and graphical display
    General review of all menu options including digital recorder functionality
  3. Preparation for and Creation of customized client vocabulary.
    Preparation of pre-existing client word processing, ASCII, and DOS text files
    Scanning, inclusion and training of unique client vocabulary
  4. Dictation Style and Commands.
    Using Punctuation, abbreviations, and capitalization
    Dictating Numbers and currency
    Dictating Dates and Time
    Editing Text & Text to Speech
    Making Corrections
    Saving Files
  5. Introduction to Text and Speech Macro Creation
    Construction of Dictation Macros for "Boiler Plate Text"
    Creating Templates
    Dictating into Template fields

End First Session Training

Advanced installation and training

  1. General review of program options & first session training
  2. General review of dictation techniques and commands
  3. Advanced Text and Speech Macro Creation
    Template Design
    Replaceable field entry
    Text macro design and insertion
    Introduction to macro scripting language
    Word processing "Locked" fields
    Windows command and control speech macros
  4. Advanced training on digital hand-held recorders
    Use of line-in and PCMCIA card adapters for file transfer
    Review of Digital recorder enrollment process
    Use of interface software between Dragon and digital hand-held recorder
  5. Third party software and hardware peripherals for speech recognition accuracy
    Introduction and implementation of add on products
  6. General dictation and speech macro command/ control working session
  7. Q&A session
End Advanced Session Training

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