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Shure has been manufacturing high-quality stereophonic equipment and is well-known to musicians and longtime users of speech recognition technology. Their technology is superb and all of their products are manufactured to the highest standards. Having engaged heavily in microphone technology, you can be sure that all of the products manufactured by this company are designed to help you achieve the maximum in speech recognition accuracy, ease of use, and durability.


SH-TCHS - Wireless Microphone System
This computer wireless headset system is designed to provide tremendous flexibility and ease-of-use for all computer power users that just insist on detaching themselves from their computer soundcard. With a range of approximately 300 feet (under optimal conditions) and using Shure's award-winning HW505 a uni- directional electret microphone, power users will appreciate the flexibility of dictating away from their computer station. We have tested and used this system here at Accudata Systems and never cease to be amazed at how accurate and responsive this system is compared to all of the corded headsets that we have tested over the years. The transmitter requires batteries and is clipped to your belt. The highly sensitive receiver is connected to your soundcard and requires AC power. You will not be disappointed if you buy this product, and for those of you who just insist on pacing while you are dictating this is a must-have speech recognition productivity tool.
Pricing: $255.00.

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