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Telex USB Digital Mic. H-531
Telex developed the first USB (universal serial bus) headset with its own built-in soundcard function.

This microphone connects via a USB Interface to the USB port found on newer computers. If you own a laptop computer with poor sound or have a poor desktop sound chip, this is the answer for clean sound input. The USB System H-531 microphone and sound system deliver high fidelity speech recognition with virtually all USB-compliant Windows 98 computers. This optimized USB input system bypasses the computer's sound system and feeds consistent, highly accurate speech into your computer. Using this USB microphone offers you the following features: Portability: Since Dragon's speech files are primarily dependent upon the installed base of hardware in your computer, you can gain tremendous flexibility and portability by bypassing the soundcard in your computer and using the homogeneous USB microphone. Improved recognition accuracy. Certain CPUs running at slower speeds have demonstrated higher recognition accuracy using the USB headset.
Pricing: $59.95.

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