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Parrot 10-3
This monaural headset is one of the finest headsets that we have ever used or tested at Accudata Systems. It is designed with a rugged, yet completely comfortable head band. Using a Gentex microphone for superb dictation capability, audio testing has demonstrated to us that the sensitivity and recognition accuracy that is achieved with this microphone is among the finest in the speech recognition industry. Dragon Systems has selected this headset to ship with its professional series of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

VXI PARROTT, with the VXI PARROTT TRANSLATOR or the VXI PARROTT SWITCH 60V, works with any soundcard, any PC, any laptop- solving common problems of voice recognition and unnecessary returns. No hassles. No frustrations. The Parrott Translator is a bias box that balances out the signal input/output between the microphone and your soundcard. Since not all soundcards produce the proper wattage to power the microphone, the Parrott Translator will compensate for and balance out the wattage coming from your soundcard.

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VXI Parrott 60v
Switch Systems allow you to alternate between talking to your computer and talking on your telephone. The 60V is the recent winner of Internet Telephony Magazine's Product of the Year! At Accudata Systems we have been using this switching system for the last two years, and I just can't imagine how we could live without it.. Using a detachable microphone (the same superb quality as the Parrott 10-3), the VXI PARROTT 60V switch box allows you to alternate seamlessly between talking to your computer and telephone with the simple push of a button. Ensuring universal compatibility to all PC, laptop and palmtop sound cards, the 60V switch includes VXI's "Keep Alive" feature, which stops your software from shutting itself off if you are talking on the phone.

I have just discovered a four line phone that has a compatible headset button eliminating the necessity to have to lift your handset each time you wish to make a phone call. This is a wonderful productivity enhancement, and as soon as I have made the necessary arrangements we are going to make this versatile phone available to purchase.

The VXI Parrott 60V switch works in conjunction with any of the following headsets:

60V-10 monaural detachable headset, pricing: $159.00

60V-20 binaural version of the detachable headset 60V-10, pricing: $169.00

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