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Dragon® Medical Practice Edition enables medical professionals to get complete clinical notes instantly and at a fraction of the cost of manual transcription. Fast, easy and amazingly accurate, integrate Medical Practice Edition with your electronic health record applications making these applications fast and effortless.

Built-in network deployment tools simplify the use of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition on any PC in the organization. Included are comprehensive, customizable medical specialty vocabularies, and a noise-canceling headset microphone.

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    Turn your voice into text with up to 99% accuracy. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition is 15% more accurate ‘out of the box’ than Dragon Medical 10.
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition runs on a variety of hardware, from netbooks and tablets to high-powered desktops. The software automatically detects hardware resources and sets up the recommended configuration.
    With Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.0, you can save thousands of dollars per physician every year!
    A small percentage of misrecognitions can be caused by simple audio quality issues, such as incorrect microphone connection or placement, background noise, and microphone out of range or low on battery. Dragon Medical Practice Edition automatically detects poor audio input; it then alerts the user (in various ways depending on the issue), offering advice to remedy the situation. This allows Dragon Medical Practice Edition to use the best audio possible—an important factor for accuracy.
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition improves recognition response time. The software is also faster than previous editions when selecting application menu items by voice, or executing voice commands that perform actions within applications (e.g., “insert page break”, “make that red”, etc.).
    Most people speak over 120 words per minute, but type less than 40 words a minute. That means you can get instantly transcribed clinical notes, referral letters, and e-mails about three times faster with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 11! You can even create special voice commands that instantly build and format templates for clinical notes.
    You'll be dictating to your PC right away! No script reading required to get started. We even include a full set of on-screen tutorials, and a Nuance approved noise-canceling microphone.
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition’s Nothing But Speech filter has the ability to analyze selected documents and emails to automatically eliminate “um” or “ah” utterances, filtering out unwanted speech noise that can lower accuracy
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition enters corrections using the keyboard straight into the user profile. When a user dictates something, and then retypes it to correct a misrecognition, the software identifies this as a correction and uses it to adapt the user’s profile, improving the software’s accuracy over time. Use your voice to dictate, edit and control virtually any Windows application, including the full Microsoft® Office Suite, Corel® WordPerfect®, and any Electronic Medical Records application.
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition’s new desktop assistant is a major enhancement that allows users to discover and remember many commands and tips. At any time, it lets you glance at, or explore, global commands (including mouse commands), application- specific commands and custom-created commands, as well as tips. Its contents change depending on what window is currently active. In addition, the Sidebar lets users print its content. (Note: This feature can be viewed by selecting from the Help menu).
    User profile creation has been redesigned to be simple and conversational. The process now offers information about why each step is needed and helps users make optimal choices. Setting up a microphone or new audio source is more clear and straightforward.
    Use Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.0 from any PC on your organization's network, including a Citrix client or server system.
    Use Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.0 with Nuance approved Bluetooth headsets. Convenient to use with a Tablet PC system!
    Dictate into any Nuance-certified handheld device for automatic transcription when you synch with your PC.
    Smoother fast-forward and rewind behaviors are now available, and users now have options to control speed and volume.
    Creating a new user profile for a digital recorder, or adding a digital recorder as a new audio source for an existing user profile, is now much faster. The minimum reading time required to train Dragon Medical Practice Edition with a recorder has been reduced from 15 to 4 minutes. That means clinicians can spend more time providing patient care.
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition can now accept .dss and .ds2 formats directly. Files recorded using these digital speech recording formats (found on recorders from Olympus®, Grundig®, and Philips®), previously required conversion prior to transcription.
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition displays profiles in a tree structure for faster access to multiple profiles.
    Designed to work with virtually any electronic patient records application. Full library of 30+ medical specialty vocabularies covering over 60 sub-specialties, including: allergy, cardiology, emergency, general medicine, mental health, neurology, Ob/Gyn, oncology, orthopedics, pathology, pediatrics, podiatry, radiolog, surgery and others.
  • SEARCH the WEB
    SEARCH THE WEB AND YOUR COMPUTER WITH DRAGON VOICE SHORTCUTS FOR WEB AND DESKTOP SEARCH Use Dragon Voice Shortcuts to quickly search for information on the Web or on your own computer. Need to find some information on the Web? Just say “Search the Web for global warming articles,” “Search Amazon for the Harvard Blue Book,” or “Search maps for office supply stores near Chicago, Illinois.” You can even say “Find an email about the Robinson appeal” to quickly locate information on your computer. Searching the Web or your computer has never been faster – or easier.
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition now supports more voice commands to show common Windows® elements, including the desktop and Control Panel, or folders such as My Documents and My Pictures. New commands enable users to effortlessly switch to a specific window (the solution displays a numbered list so the user can just say the number of the desired window). In addition, Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows shorter names for starting popular applications (e.g., “start Microsoft Word” instead of “start Microsoft Office Word 2007”)
    SEND EMAILS OR SCHEDULE MEETINGS ON THE FLY WITH DRAGON VOICE SHORTCUTS FOR EMAIL AND CALENDAR You’re reviewing a document and realize you need to send an important email to your colleagues, just say “Send an email to Steve Chambers and Raphael Sanchez,” and Dragon will launch your email program, create a new email and put the names you said into the “To:” box. Need to schedule a meeting instead? Just say “Schedule a meeting with Steve Chambers and Raphael Sanchez,” and Dragon will do the rest.
    Quickly create simple commands that will enter blocks of text such as normal exam results or patient education statements. Automate complex, multi-step tasks. Easily import personal words and phrases into the existing Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.0 vocabulary.
  • Works seamlessly with Opt® Professional Medical EMR system .

The following are examples of medical vocabularies included in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Suite.

Medication names

ACTH, acyclovir, Adriamycin, alprazolam, amikacin, captopril, Fansidar, Halcion, Hemoccult, verapamil, zidovudine

Medical procedures

augmentation, biopsy, bronchodilation, cholangiography, debridement, dialysis, excision, laparoscopy, lymphadenectomy

Medical diagnoses

adenopathy, candidiasis,chlamydia, cryoglobulinemia, emesis, fasciitis, hemangioma, hemochromatosis, natriuresis


Addison's alopecia, anthrax, Crohn's, diverticulosis, Parkinson's seborrhea, teratoma

  • Vocabulary Builder analyzes your documents automatically to find and add new words, specialized terms, acronyms, and proper names. You can customize your vocabulary by adding new terms at any time - even create multiple, new vocabularies for different specialties or interests.
  • Dictation Playback enables you to hear what you said in your own voice to facilitate editing. Text-to-Speech reads e-mail messages and other documents aloud. NaturalWeb™ lets you browse the Web by speaking URLs and links, and dictate into online forms and fields.
  • With Natural Language Commands you don't have to memorize a set of fixed commands to edit, format and navigate in Microsoft® Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2010+. State the commands in a natural manner and natural language commands will respond.

The following are examples of natural language command groups, with different ways to accomplish the same task.

To make a table
  • Create a table with four rows and five columns.
  • Add a four by five table.
  • Insert table five columns by four rows
To change a color
  • Turn the next paragraph red.
  • Color the following paragraph red.
  • Make next paragraph red.
  • Select the following paragraph. Make it red

The Magic of Macros
The Command Wizard™ feature and a powerful scripting language make it easy for a technical staff person, or Accudata Systems to speech-enable existing macros or create new macros. The following speech commands can customized for you.

You say: Resulting action
Request Lab Tests Dragon® Medical Practice Edition opens up a standard request form for laboratory services. You say "Bill Smith" and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Suite fills in the patient information. You then request "full workup" and "send results to office" to complete request.
Check e-mail messages Dragon® Medical Practice Edition goes to your e-mail and opens any new mail.
Open Patient History Bill Smith Dragon® Medical Practice Edition history file" for "Bill Smith" and prompts you to fill in the form.

Dictating on the Go

With Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.0, you can create letters, reports, e-mail, and notes virtually wherever you are, by speaking naturally into digital recorders approved for Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Later, connect the recorder to your computer, follow the simple procedure, and your recorded speech is automatically transcribe.


System Requirements
Minimum: IBM® compatible PC with Intel I5/I7 or equivalent AMD processors.
Processor SSE2 support
OS: Windows® XP Pro(SP3)7/8 32&64 Bit..........
A DVD-ROM is required for installation.

Creative Labs® Sound Blaster® 16 or equivalent sound board supporting 16-bit recording.
MP3 w/gold contacts preferred.
Speakers are required for Text to Speech functionality

Approved headset is included

Internet Connection
Required for product activation
MS Internet Explorer 6+



Memory Requirements
Ram Minimum: 4GB
L2 Cache - 512 MB

Hard Disk Requirements
5 GB free hard-disk space.

- Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.0
- Premium quality headset microphone
- Documentation, including a user's guide, quick reference card, quick start booklet and installation card

Do you need to upgrade your current software to Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2.0?

Here are the upgrades from v 9/10:

PRO to MEDICAL - $995.00
MED to MEDICAL - $599.95

Note: Upgrades are software only. headsets are not included.


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